Other Methods & Strategies how to reclaim the Foundation Resources

Dear All,

Please share with us your thoughts, ideas and constructive feedback on how we should all resolve the problems and reclaim the Resources of the Cardano Foundation.

The “Guardians of Cardano” has chosen a path we believe in and need your support on it, but there might be other Groups formed here, who follow a different approach, different agenda for the same ultimate goal.

This topic should bring together people from the Community with different opinion and encourage them to form new groups who tackle the same problem in another way.

We look forward closely collaborating together with such groups, fighting for the same cause.

We are happy to support the formation of such groups in whichever way possible, infrastructure, design, etc.

The more groups, the more decentralization, the more various tactics applied the much higher our success ratio as a Community for this initiative.


Personally, I believe we should offer Michael Parsons and Pascal Schmid a severance package to voluntarily step down in order to elect a new Board.

Any funds should be retained by the Cardano Foundation but expenditure should require formal approval from Emurgo.

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I agree that could be good for Cardano but I’m fairly sure IOHK and Emurgo will already have seriously considered such possibilities. For all we know Parsons could be weighing up his options right now!


There is no issue with Pascal Schmid.

He just runs a domiciliation management company and acts as a silent member / director for compliance reasons.


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I was thinking the other day to let us once intervene in the Blockchain and collect the ADAs from CF.

Until we don’t have decentralization via Shelley this would be theoretically possible as all ~1000 nodes as far as I am aware are operated by IOHK.

Of course this is against all belief, principles and might have tremendous damage on the image of Cardano.

Though still a possibility.

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I’m not so sure any more. Why is he involved in Cardano AG? Why does he not give any kind of information in this situation?

Please don’t do that! Charles would go and found Cardano Classic! :wink:
I don’t think there is any need for intervention. The ADAs belong to CF, not to Parsons personally.


Yeah I know how Charles would feel about that :)))

The AG part is indeed strange. If he knew Parsons is not a good guy, why would he have supported him in establishment of an AG.


I was thinking the other day to let us once intervene in the Blockchain and collect the ADAs from CF.

I was thinking… no. :wink:

(Aside from the Cardano Classic scenario mentioned by @Herr_Rossi, particularly a centralized network deciding to do so would probably seen as a form of theft from a legal perspective?)


I don’t think a large group of people (this forum) can negotiate a thing like this. It’s very “seat of the pants” stuff best done by a single elected person, or small group. I not suggesting Charles, since he is obviously emotionally involved, but a third party, legal entity, or whatever. Someone who is tasked to mediate, get the best solution. Once that has been done, maybe people have to vote it up or down, although that would seem cumbersome, since it might mean starting again. Better to vote for a representative and let them do their thing.