Ouroboros for the Java Virtual Machine

I think they will add ‘support’ to move people away from posting bugs here. I have asked for a Dev category.

I am a bit out of my element, but I believe like our Mantis project that connects to ETC, if you can walk the walk, and talk the talk, you can join the network.

The wallet/explorer APIs are only for communication with Cardano core. You seem to be talking about building a consensus participate, so you will need to be able to network with the nodes and participate in the protocol. I imagine all the changes taking place for the Shelly release would make building another client right now difficult. As I said also, we will be moving to Ouroboros Praos.


Is the current information available trough public documentation applicable to Ouroboros Praos? If that’s the case , nothing stops one to proceed and build an independent client into the Cardano core, right? To me, that’s my solely interest, the rest of the features like going out from and into Cardano core to/from ETC for example is not interesting, that’s a solution/topic I’m sure Cardano should be owning and drive. All what I want is to asses the capacity of supporting a healthy, open ecosystem around the Cardano’s platform and the best way to do it is by building alternative clients or consuming APIs.

If you want to build a full node client, you will need to implement everything needed to participate in the protocol(networking and consensus). If you just want to build something on top, then you can build on top of the Haskell client consuming our apis. I don’t think enough is published on Praos yet to do that. We will be building that from a formal spec though, once that is out you can do it with a high level of gauruantee that it will be compatible. Our network stack is under major changes as well. It’s a moving target right now.