Ouroboros Protocol: Basics!

Dear all - thanks for the help on the topic.

While going thru Ouroboros protocol I got curious by these questions:

  • Every slot from an Epoch results in >=0 blocks? Or is it a >= 0 and <=1?
  • In order to block a slot there needs to be at least one transaction. May we have a slot with >= 1 transactions?
  • Epoch rewards are proportional to the blocks closed by each stake pool. Is there any variability based on the blocks?
  • Persistency is explained by stability. However, stability is explained as: A transaction is declared stable if and only if it is in a block that it is k blocks deep in the ledger. In simple words?

Thanks in advance!

Not every slot will have blocks, this is throttled via active slot co-efficient down to 1 block per 20 seconds on average. It wouldnt make sense to go beyond minimal network bandwidth without enough activity. Since slot leadership schedule is calculated independently, more than 1 block can compete for leadership at a slot.

No, blocks can be created even without transaction

No, there is no variation between blocks as far as rewards are concerned.

It is considered stable if k number of valid blocks have formed since the block that included a tx, thereby validating the chain as sufficiently difficult to have a possibility of rollback (eg: if there are two chains formed by soft temporary fork, racing to resolution)

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