OutputToBig: Maximum Amount of different tokens in one wallet

Suppose i have a wallet where differntly named Tokens are minted. With every mint, the transaction size gets larger (this is beacuse for the mint we also have to include the current wallet content in the transaction). That also means, there is a limit on Tokens in one wallet to mint right?
I cant get more than 200 tokens in one wallet, because the Transaction is to large to mint further.

Any ideas oin how to overcome this?

Practical limit yes. Theoretical limit no. I’ve seen wallets with over 700 NFTs in them and they can still sell and trade. .

Put more ADA in the wallet. At least until September HFC. Looks like they may be changing the way transactions are handled. Also, you can send 1 ADA from that wallet to itself and that might consolidate number of UTxOs for that wallet since the old ones will be burned.

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Sending ADA to the address itself isn’t helping, since the transaction is still too big (all the assets). This problem is not widely known as it seems, any other soulutions?

You can use or create token fountain so it is generated on demand. Many NFT projects have that. NFTs are created only after someone buys them 1st. This way the wallet is empty. Minting policy takes care of how many are created in total.

You can just move all 200 tokens to a different wallet, so they do not generate unnecessary UTxOs.

Add more ADA.

The wallet team knows about it and they are changing the transaction workflow. I think this HFC it will be different.

I think they came up with a way to generate fewer change transaction outputs. Combining change outputs into fewer outputs reduces the total amount of bytes needed to encode the outputs. This way it should require less minimum ADA.

HFC is only a couple weeks a way. :slight_smile:

I’m experiencing this same situation, have you found a solution to overcome this.

I don’t want to mint on demand thing might get messy this way.