Paper wallet API


I’m wondering if it’s planned that the up to come paper wallet feature be exposed in Daedalus API ? the beta v1 API doesn’t seem to integrate it.


I reckon node API does not need much change - the only new function is the ability to restore a wallet from 27 words instead of 12. The wallet design and printing is a GUI function, imo.

So they prolly might use the same POST /api/v1/wallets that just validates that backupPhrase is of size 12 or 27.

Just a guess :man_shrugging:

Sorry, my mistake, actually I’m not asking about an API to print the private key, because, you’re absolutely right, it doesn’t make sense.
My question is about having an API that “return” the private key, so I can - in my client app - transform it to QRCode and then print it.

There’s no such API, afaik. Secret words are not stored anywhere in the wallet - only derived private key is. Paper wallet generation function will create a new wallet each time. There’s no function to create a paper version of the existing wallet, imo.

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Thanks, It’s more clear right now…