Relation between wallet and papet wallet?

I know it was discussed here before but i did not understood completely…
To make paper wallet i need a desctop wallet(dw).
For this(dw) i get 12 word recovery phrase.
Then i can create paper wallet (pw).
For this (pw) i get a 27 word recovery phrase(rp
My question is does the paper wallet recover also the (dw) which it was created.?
I think not but i saw posts sugesting this so can someone clarify?


the paper wallet has nothing to do with any other wallet you did create. It’s not a backup, a new one with a new address.

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You only need Daedalus to create a paper wallet. After installing Daedalus you can create a wallet within Daedalus and thus get a recovery phrase for that Daedalus SOFTWARE wallet. OR/and you can create a paper wallet and thus get a recovery phrase for that Daedalus PAPER wallet. See the instructions for a paper wallet here: ( is linked form the support portal on

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Ok its completely different wallet.
I know how to use the wallet,thanks anyway.

Because from what i read before i had some doubt if the paper wallet had some master key that would also restore the desktop wallet it was created in,although it didn t make sense ,i just wanted to clarify the litle doubt i had.

If you’re still not totally clear on what a paper wallet is we created a post last month on on this very topic with some illustrative pictures to boot:

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Thanks again i m comfortable with the Wallet.