Parsing Error, What to do?

I have ran into an error when attempting to start my node. As I try to configure the testnet-config.json file I run into this error:

michael@michael-NUC8i3BEK:~/StakePool/relay$ cardano-node run --topology testnet-topology.json --database-path db --socket-path db/node.socket --host-addr --port 3001 --config testnet-config.json

cardano-node: FatalError {fatalErrorMessage = “Parsing of Protocol: Cardano failed. Cardano is not a valid protocol”}michael@michael-NUC8i3BEK:~/StakePool/relay$

Any help would be greatly appreciated,
Thank you

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me too, how did you resolve it?

Hey! So I checked and the CLI that I was running was way out of date. I got the 1.20.0 version and that was able to make it work