PegasusPool showing mainnet blocks but not

I checked out a few pools, and it looks like is not updated? -

Pegasus -

Anybody can shed some light on up to date pool/chain explorers?

There are no blocks produced till epoch 210, so probably Pegasus consumes data from testnet probably MC3 or MC4, or just simply miscalculated.

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Thanks @_ilap, yes it says Shellly Testnet on the Pegasus page :man_facepalming:.
But now I’m even more confused. Shelly is live, but who’s making the blocks?

OK I think I get it now. Just Genesis leaders working right now(?), I’ll be patient.

Thats correct, tho its not exactly pools.
What we have right now is a composite system of BFT and Praos consensus, where BFT (leaders defined in genesis - not pools) are creating blocks at round robin - in a ratio defined by decentralisation parameter and active slot co-efficient (parameters in genesis). This ratio clarifies how many blocks will be made by BFT (leaders) and how many by Praos (pools creating at random slots defined in proportion to their stake and randomness introduced by keys).

For current epoch of 5 days, decentralisation parameter is set to 1 - allowing BFT members to create all blocks. Next epoch will see this parameter changed to 0.5 allowing pools to create half the blocks of an epoch. This is part of gradually decentralising the system.

(PS: BFT leaders do not earn any rewards for blocks they create)

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Thanks @rdlrt! Eloquent and comprehensive as always.
I amended my last comment to reflect what you said, and will continue to patient :slight_smile: .