People do like to forget their 12 secret words

Being on this forum and on the telegram, an issue that comes up over and over again is people forgetting or losing their 12 words. Obviously this isn’t just a Cardano issue, but across all crypto. I wonder how this problem could be ameliorated or overcome?

The 12 (or 15, 18, 24, etc) words are really just a human friendly representation of some random bytes generated by the computer. Other, perhaps more effective representations could be used.

Also, and this is a bit crazier, I wonder if the secret could be stored on the user somehow?

Do you guys have ideas? I’m sure other people have thought about this.

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On the user? You mean like using something like Elon Musk’s project Neuralink?:grinning:

Seriously though, sounds like crypto custodian services are going to have a roaring business - talk about disintermediation!

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Like biometrics based? Heart rhythm/ECG + blood glucose fluctuations + finger print + password + etc… that defines ones unique signature? Just guessing…


Have 12 kids name each one a word. :grinning:


A coworker of mine swears by using these 12 words in a story that only you know. Lets say you made a little story and wrote it down and you knew that the 12 words were lumped into the story in some particular way in some order that only you know. That way you can remember them or have them hidden better. Because writing them down in the order that they appear is very unsafe because someone could just find your notebook and take your crypto.

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I’d forget the story :grimacing:


yea, something like that, somehow… but only to store the secret key… not to generate it, because you can get a unique key from your finger print, that’s how iPhone lock/unlock works, but if it was known what would you use next. So only the storage, not the generation.

me too.

yea, basically something like that. I think we need small chips in our brains, just to store a few basic informations, like passwords… and maybe a small calculator, to split the bill in restaurants.

You could probably get an implant, it wouldn’t be very secure though as you would have to be able to read the data wirelessly

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