Please help with checking my Stakepool configuration says to use

Sorry, don’t know of a more direct way.

Interesting would be a tool to do the leaderlog computations for all epochs back to the ones, where you were last assigned blocks to see if they – at least – are shown correctly. I haven’t seen that in cncli nor cardano-cli as an option or is there?

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Many thanks for that - I will look into it - appreciate your help

Thanks but it appears to pass everything on this site Only issue is extended metadata missing which should not matter

27 Epochs now and no slots assigned !!!

That’s a long stretch… but looks like bad luck.

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Yes - I am hoping it is just down to luck. Trouble is if I keep losing stake because of it then I may never know if the chances to mint a block become too small :grinning:

If you go much longer I’ll move some ADA over and ask some delegates to move over to try and pop a block.

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That would be fantastic if that could be done - I feel bad for my delegators at the moment as I just cannot be sure that everything is OK until a block comes through. Also if you did that I would be happy to reimburse the pool fee component (340 ADA) on a proportionate basis to anybody who helped out if any block was produced.

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