Pledge Discussion | Calculator Analysis | Will Whales Run Cardano Stake Pools?

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Just a stupid question, for someone who is VERY new to all of this.
What would happens if there was something like a “staking pool roof”
(When the staking pool gets too big, the staking pool gets less profit/less coins)

So first you have a

  • Minimum amount of coins to be able to have a pool
    But also a:
  • Maximum amount of coins until you get punished for having/be in to big of a stake pool.

Then i think that people would move coins around more (if the stake pool they are on gets to big)
and that should increase the circulation of coins (is that good or bad?)

What if ADA that knows it’s USD value and it sets the amount of ADA needed to run a stake pool accordingly?

So today the pool might need 100.000 just to make a stake pool
But 1 years from now when the ADA cost more, then perhaps 80.000 to run a stake pool
3 years from now perhaps only 45.000 ADA to run a stake pool

Lets say the pool needs ADA worth 5000 USD to run a stake pool
And ADA once every month etc it sets it’s own amount to run a pool, depending on the cost of the coin

0,5usd per ADA = 10.000 ADA to run a stake pool
0,3usd per ADA = 16.666 ADA to run a stake pool

Then it’s just a matter of setting the right USD amount for having a stake pool
To not make the needed stake pool shift to much, then have the medium price of x-months back.
Month 5, on the 1’st it cost 2.30
Month 6, on the 1’st it cost 1.25
Month 7, on the 1’st it cost 0.75
So if its 3-months (2,30+1,25+0,75 / 3) = 1,43 (medium price)
So if its set on 5000USD to run a stake pool ATM, then ADA needed is 5000/1,43 = 3497 ADA

This is in the design of Cardano :slightly_smiling_face:

there is a cost associated with registering a stake pool which imo is likely the mnimum.

To ensure ADA stakeholders do not delegate to one centralized pool there is a point of saturation coded into the protocol based on a desired amount of pools to maintain the protocol efficiently and effectively, where all pools are subject to less reward if they have excess delegates staking through that particular pool node.

I believe this is good if all ADA ever staked remains in one place without movement than the possibility of a stagnant economy will be the result of such actions even if other values are transferring on the Cardano blockchain, as of now if a decentralized cryptocurrency does not have a transaction volume it plays heavily on the psychy of people involved and/or other players that might be interested in entering the decentralized crypto space.

Everything you bring up in your second post is a conversation of speculation I would love to discuss with you yet it would be best over Coffee or a drink so I will refrain from digging in today.

Looks like you are surely in the right frame of mind being “new” and are questioning everything, glad to see you here on the forum :slightly_smiling_face: :sunglasses:

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Not a terrible idea, but I do not like tying ADA to USD other than a stable coin.