Pledge update with Yoroi address

Hi there,
I am in a pickle situation and I hope someone shed some light on it.

I have created a Yoroi wallet called ‘Pledge’ on my mobile device and put some funds on it. (Small amount)
I went to my Producer node, import that wallet and register my pool with it and pledged 0 ADA to my pool to test.
Now I want to increase my pledge. So I bought some ADA and send it to the Yoroi wallet address but I choose a fresh address instead of the first address under Pledge wallet.
So, on my Yoroi application, I obviously can see my total amount but on the node, when I check my Pledge wallet using, I can only see my initial amount.
I realized the Cntools checking only the initial address.

  • Is there a way to combine these 2 addresses?
  • Or can Yoroi send ADA to one address to another address within the wallet?
  •   Or create a fresh wallet, move everything on it, update my pool with the new wallet along with the new pledge amount?

FYI, I used Yoroi just because of checking balance is convenient…

Thanks heaps for your suggestions.


I agree that Yoroi is good the check your balance.
And yes, you can move ADAs from fresh address to Pledge wallet. I would do that… so get a receiving address for your Pledge wallet and make a send transaction in your fresh address

Hi @laplasz ,

Just to clarify, can I move ADA from an address to an address within the same Wallet right?


you have 2 wallets in Yoroi now. since you have two addresses.

ahh you mean on fresh address is a fresh receiving address in the same wallet?

Yes, exactly.

ahh, ok - that means you are fine… the ADAs is on your pledge address… so ready to update your pledge
but first maybe you can double check your payment.addr with command line:

maybe --mary-era is missing from the command

Thanks @laplasz for your suggestion but I was stuck with CARDANO_NODE_SOCKET_PATH error when I run query…

I ended up sending all my ADA to new wallet and send back to the correct address. it cost me 1.7 ADA transaction fee but it is all good now.
Thanks for your help.

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you will need to send the amounts to the first address from yoroi wallet.
then all ada associated with that address will be visible when u will import the wallet.


Thanks @Alexd1985 I figured that is the case.