Plutus - Auction Smart Contract

Hello everyone, I’m trying to create a Auction smart contract and I’m using the Playground to test my work.

My rationale is to create two triggers:

  1. The auctioner collects the value stored at the end of the deadline of the auction.
  2. A refund trigger that activates whenever the values at the address of the auction is greater than the value they have bidded.

Unfortunatelly I’m not being able to trigger the refund trigger, and when the collection trigger appears it shows the following message:
Message from wallet #1: Attempting to collect transaction outputs from 'AddressOf {getAddress = dbbbddc30862a29da5ee2bca83de3411646f444eb0beb1dc569d9f22edb3d38d}', but there are no known outputs at that address. An empty transaction will be submitted.

Can anybody give me any advice/pointer on what is going on, or places of where I can find exemples of Plutus Smart Contracts?

This is the code:

import qualified Language.PlutusTx         as PlutusTx
import           Language.PlutusTx.Prelude
import           Ledger                    (Address, DataScript (DataScript), PendingTx, PubKey,
                                            RedeemerScript (RedeemerScript), TxId, ValidatorScript (ValidatorScript),
                                            applyScript, compileScript, hashTx, lifted, pendingTxValidRange,
                                            scriptAddress, valueSpent)
import qualified Ledger.Interval           as Interval
import           Ledger.Slot               (Slot, SlotRange)
import qualified Ledger.Validation         as V
import           Ledger.Value              (Value)
import qualified Ledger.Value              as Value
import           Playground.Contract
import           Wallet                    (EventHandler (EventHandler), EventTrigger, MonadWallet, andT,
                                            collectFromScript, collectFromScriptTxn, fundsAtAddressGeqT, logMsg,
                                            defaultSlotRange,fundsAtAddressGtT, ownPubKey, notT, payToScript, register, slotRangeT, registerOnce)
import qualified Wallet                    as W
import           Wallet.Emulator           (Wallet)
import qualified Wallet.Emulator           as EM

data Auction = Auction
    { auctionDeadline           :: Slot
    , auctionOwner              :: PubKey
    , buyNow                    :: Value
    } deriving (Generic, ToJSON, FromJSON, ToSchema)

PlutusTx.makeLift ''Auction

mkAuction :: Slot -> Wallet -> Value -> Auction
mkAuction ddl ownerWallet value =
        { auctionDeadline = ddl
        , auctionOwner = EM.walletPubKey ownerWallet
        , buyNow = value

collectionRange :: Auction -> SlotRange
collectionRange cmp =
    W.interval 1 (auctionDeadline cmp)

refundRange :: Auction -> SlotRange
refundRange cmp =
    W.interval 1 (auctionDeadline cmp)

data AuctionAction = Collect | Refund
    deriving (Generic, ToJSON, FromJSON)

PlutusTx.makeLift ''AuctionAction

type AuctionValidator = PubKey -> AuctionAction -> PendingTx -> Bool
validCollection :: Auction -> PendingTx -> Bool
validCollection auction p = (p `V.txSignedBy` auctionOwner auction)

validRefund :: Auction  -> PubKey -> PendingTx -> Bool
validRefund auction contributor p =
    (collectionRange auction `Interval.contains` pendingTxValidRange p)
    && (p `V.txSignedBy` contributor)

mkValidator :: Auction -> AuctionValidator
mkValidator auction con act p = case act of
    Collect -> validCollection auction p
    Refund -> validRefund auction con p

contributionScript :: Auction -> ValidatorScript
contributionScript cmp  = ValidatorScript $
    $$(Ledger.compileScript [|| mkValidator ||])
            Ledger.lifted cmp

auctionAddress :: Auction -> Ledger.Address
auctionAddress = Ledger.scriptAddress . contributionScript

bid :: MonadWallet m => Slot -> Wallet -> Value -> m ()
bid deadline ownerWallet value = do
    let auc = mkAuction deadline ownerWallet value
    ownPK <- ownPubKey
    let ds = DataScript (Ledger.lifted ownPK)
        range = W.interval 1 (auctionDeadline auc)

    tx <- payToScript range (auctionAddress auc) value ds

    logMsg "Submitted bid"

    register (refundTrigger value auc) (refundHandler (Ledger.hashTx tx) auc)

    logMsg "Registered refund trigger for bid"

scheduleCollection ::  MonadWallet m => Slot -> Wallet -> Value -> m ()
scheduleCollection deadline ownerWallet lowest = do
    let cmp = mkAuction deadline ownerWallet lowest
    register (collectFundsTrigger cmp) (EventHandler (\_ -> do
        logMsg "Collecting funds"
        let redeemerScript = Ledger.RedeemerScript (Ledger.lifted Collect)
            range = collectionRange cmp
        collectFromScript range (contributionScript cmp) redeemerScript))

collectFundsTrigger :: Auction -> EventTrigger
collectFundsTrigger c = (notT (slotRangeT (collectionRange c)))

refundTrigger :: Value -> Auction -> EventTrigger
refundTrigger vl a = (fundsAtAddressGtT (auctionAddress a) vl)

refundHandler :: MonadWallet m => TxId -> Auction -> EventHandler m
refundHandler txid auc = EventHandler (\_ -> do
    logMsg "Refunding because higher bid has arrived"
    let validatorScript = contributionScript auc
        redeemerScript  = Ledger.RedeemerScript (Ledger.lifted Refund)
    collectFromScriptTxn (refundRange auc) validatorScript redeemerScript txid)

$(mkFunctions ['scheduleCollection, 'bid])
$(mkIotsDefinitions ['scheduleCollection, 'bid])

Thanks in advance