Smart Contracts for Auctioning or Bidding


I’m just getting into Plutus and wanted to ask if something like a bidding/auctioning condition is possible:

Ex. Withdraw X ADA from the highest bidder at the end of 24 hours and send the owner of the address a digital item (gift card or game from

Is this more Marlowe territory, or possible on a vanilla smart-contract?

@madprogramer I believe you can achieve this with vanilla Plutus smart contract.


It is possible to implement that using a Plutus Smart Contract.
Here is an example of an implemented auction in Plutus (does not work on the playground because it needs some adaptations):

Also sorry if I’m saying something incorrect, but I believe Marlowe is a Domain Specific Language. Therefore it is more limited. Plutus is a more embracing Turing Complete language, therefore it should be techinically possible to implement anything that is possible in Marlowe? Marlowe can be better for certain types of contract and logic tho (e.g. contracts with financial nature).

If you desire I can help you with question regarding Plutus.