Port 3001 (relays-new.cardano-mainnet.iohk.io) mainnet-topology

Looks like i am up and running finally, had to make a new KES / node .cert.

Now is there any key files i shouldnt keep on my block producer after certifying?

yes, you should not keep on your server:

  1. payment.skey and stake.skey files (for wallet funds control)

make a copy of them and keep them somewhere safe and delete them from the server… or if you want to keep them (not recommended) you can encrypt them but be careful to not lose the password!

I dont have those files on there.

Okay I have generated my payment address, and copied it to my hot environment.

How do I backup my wallet so I don’t lose funds to this address? Before sending funds.

Is there a way to recover the wallet?

copy all files generated for the wallet like payment.addr payment.skey payment.vkey, etc
With these files u can access the wallet funds

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I appreciate all the help man!

So these files I should make sure their secure? Is it like a recovery seed?

yes, it’s most like your wallet infos… if someone will steal these files from you he can access your wallet and move your funds; that’s why should be kept in your offline machine…
your Producer needs only 3 files to run as a Producer
–shelley-kes-key “{POOL_DIR}/{POOL_HOTKEY_SK_FILENAME}”
–shelley-vrf-key “{POOL_DIR}/{POOL_VRF_SK_FILENAME}”
–shelley-operational-certificate “{POOL_DIR}/{POOL_OPCERT_FILENAME}” \

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What is stored in this? Is this where the pledge goes? I just sent 5,000,000 lovelace for testing. It showed up.

What is the operational certificate? node.cert?

these files are from my servers… which using cntools, perhaps your files has another name

So should I remove

from my block producer?

Whats stored in the wallet/payment address? pledge? registration?

check this topic:

thanks i have everything done on the list.

Can you check out my new thread, im stuck on this step

answered… replace NODE_HOME with ur relative path and try again

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