Port Forwarding, not working?


it seems that all my ports that i have tested, are closed. I tested with Open Port Check Tool - Test Port Forwarding on Your Router . I have forwarded port 6000 on my router and local ip , TCP port and UDP port on 6000 , alway on. port 22 are closed as well it says.

Anybody pleas help me to resolve this?

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check if you have any fw (on server or cloud based) rules active.
check on server with sudo ufw status



Thank you for your fast reply. I did test, and it saysv ALLOW on all.

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After i have secured the shared memory, and reboot the node, computer. Du i log in as Cardano user or root user?

When i setup a SSH tunnel with the following command: ssh -L 3000:localhost:3000 @

I get asked to typr the passw. I type the user passw, then i get asked for the varification code. What verification code is that ?

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2fa authentication?

Yes i did install that, but the key does not seen to work, the one in the app.

Maybe i should start over and re-install Ubuntu. to see if i can do anything better. And do the hole hardening server guide again.

Should i upgrade to the new Ubuntu operating system? It keeps asking me if i want to.

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you can use/install 22.04

Thank you very much