Possible Address formats

Hello, Cardano community.

I’m working as a front-end developer and got a form where users need to enter a Cardano address for receiving funds, this address needs to be validated. so the problem is I’m not knowledgeable enough of address types (notice that every wallet has its own type).

So if someone can give a guide on the best way to do it, and provide some example addresses for testing purposes?
(i tried to use multicoin-address-validator npm package but is outdated, works only for shelly :frowning_face:)

Hi There!

Here is a brief documentation about the address types:

And example how to generate them:
relevant commands in cardano-cli tool - part of Cardano node: https://github.com/input-output-hk/cardano-node/releases/tag/1.26.2:

$ cardano-cli

Era based commands
  address                  Payment address commands
  stake-address            Stake address commands
  key                      Key utility commands

also worth to check cardano-addresses which is part of cardano-wallet