Private VPN and IP for a pool

Hello. I am learning to manage nodes and Pools. It is a study case for me. I am not trying to create another bad configured and working pool. During the learning process I found that the connection between the machines and the testnet (also mainnet) works and needs obviously a dedicated IP. This is not ever possible and I was asking here where I can find documents about the IPv6, over that it should be more easy to fix in a static IP. Does nodes and pools work over the IPv6?

Yes, should work over IPv6 IP

Thanks for the reply. If I get a dedicated IPv6 I can run a node based on that static number?
The problem is that I am configuring the pool in two VPS in Virtual Box. And I am learning to connect them to the testnet. I need an IP dedicated but it is hard to manage.

You should be able to run… u will connect the 2 nodes via private IPs and the relay will connect with other nodes via IPv6

Thanks dear, you where important because I am talking with my fibra provider! And they can assign to me a v6 static ip for my home lan!! No I have to learn how to configure the nodes and the producer to run in that network. But for now I am away from home, and I have to configure the VPS using the loopback system because they are in virtualBoxes.

Thanks Alex. I managed as you suggested. I found a VPN that let me have a semi-fixed ipv6. So I can manage the node by private loopback ips and then send the traffic of the relay over ipv6. Thanks.

You are welcome