Quick Pool Registry Question - What Ipv4 address do I register with?

Almost finished moving my pool to mainnet however just got a bit confused on what IPv4 address I register for my relay. do I use the Inet address given to me when I use ifconfig on my relay cli or do I use the IPv4 Address that is shown to me when I search “Whats my ipv4 address” on google with my relay. This im sure is a stupid question however I can’t find any info clarifying to for me. I don’t want to have to re-register my pool for a stupid mistake.

Thanks for the help everyone :slight_smile:

Because other public nodes need to connect to ur server you must register with the public IPv4 address

It must be a static ipv4. There are some work arounds for dynamic address (CGNAT) but they can be a bit complicated.

so not the ipconfig inet address, its the one that google sees me as?

Is it a public or private IP?

Well that would be public because google isnt on my local network correct?

Aa ok, then use that IP (ifconfig) if the server is hosted on cloud … can u share the IP?

My relay and BP are built on-premise, not on the cloud. How can I share my IP without doxing myself lol?
They are both definitly Ipv4 if thats what your getting at: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

Is the Static IPv4 address the one my ISP assigns to me? The one that is seen by websites etc?

Anyway… u will register the relay with ur public IPv4 IP so it will be visible for other people

U know the difference between private and public IP? Use the public IP or dns to register the relay

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Okay thanks Alex that clears that up for me. Yea I’m quite confident I do understand the difference, The Public IP address is how network traffic gets to my modem, then the modem uses the private IP to route the traffic to the correct machine right?

Correct! And u will need a portforward on your modem; this way the modem will know to which server will send the trafic

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hmmm thats true, frick didn’t think of that. Do I port forward using my modem settings?

yes, you should have the option on modem settings page

Hey Alex, with the port forwarding. Does cardano network traffic come in on port 6000 or 3001?

6000, your port from env file (cnode)