Processed TX question

Not related to this issue but seems your cron is not properly configured so it’s running more than once per hour.

yeah, go to crontab and let/keep just one line

crontab -e

Dear @mcrio and @Alexd1985 ,

Thank you so very much for your help. Today I can see my BP and relay node TX increasing. :smiley: :smiley:
The cron has only one lline, maybe it was because i was trying to run the topology updater manually. Thats why there are more lines in the logs.

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Dear @Alexd1985 ,

I have restarted the relay node this morning, and since then the cron script ran 3 times.
Please find the logs here.
Do you see anything weird?

yeah, type crontab -e
I think u added again a new line on crontab if not, can be the other relay? should work on different private IP + port

Dear Alex,

Yeap there was again one more line there. But were the crontab is saved?
I could find it only with crontab -e. Do you know where it is actually saved? I thought it was in my cardano node folder.

nope, crontab it’s a service… you can read more about on google

Thank you very much.

Now the last step is the

cat > $NODE_HOME/ << EOF

The only thing i do not know how to modify it is this line:

I have used testnet-magic 1097911063

But it doesn’t work. Do i need to run this script?

used this DNS for IOHK servers

and of course, run the script then restart the node

Awesome. All good now.

Thank you very much.

Now what is your advise? Just funding my pool and wait when i will create a block?

it’s for testnet right?

Yes, i am using testing faucet for funding.

aaa ok, yes, now… just add ada to stake and wait for blocks… you can ask for 1M ada for test (TBH I don’t know where)

I will find out. thank you very much. Now that i have ran the on my Block producer node i cannot see IN nodes.

You don’t need to run that script on producer, change back the topology file (add your relay only)

I didn’t run it on my producer. I have ran it only on my relay node. But my producer now has no IN nodes. I have restart the producer but no change.

But check the producer IP + port from relay pull… script

My relay pull requests BP Public IP. I think it is correct:

curl -s -o /home/deadpool/cardano-my-node/testnet-topology.json “${BLOCKPRODUCING_IP}:${BLOCKPRODUCING_PORT}:1|

but why public IP if there are connected through private IP? or there aren’t?