Programmers in NYC regions?

Hey, was wondering if we have any programmers that are willing to work on projects within NYC regions?

We have a group of people who are looking to initiate projects.

Thank you!


Happy to chat more. Please ping me at

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Hey thanks,

just sent you an email!

Happy to lend a hand, I live very close to NYC.

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Hey hans,

Thanks for the response. Sent you an email back!

Iโ€™m a developer in NYC area, But you already know that๐Ÿ™ƒ


Never heard of you! LOL joking. Next time get some Ramen!!

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Hey, I might have lost it within my inbox, what is you email?

Hey, sent you an email1

Hey! Found it!

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come to the NYC Meet ups

The ones on Sundays? I will be there this week!


Welcome Welcome!

What is the link to the meetups?

I run a blockchain software company that builds some pretty cool community software on EVM compatible blockchains (Applications of Intercoin: Making Crypto Mainstream - Applications - Intercoin) and I would love to start building serious apps on Cardano as well.

Any certified developers who finished the Plutus Pioneers program want to work with us? Email me at username:greg โ€” we have a ton of stuff we plan to release to our user base!

Hey @Greg_Magarshak
Here is the meet up group link:

We also have discord now:


because we are always looking!