Project Catalyst - Fund 4 - Official Results - 56 Projects Funded


It’s official. Fund4 voting results are now confirmed.

:point_right: You can view the full F4 tally results via this link

:point_right: Wish to look for past funded proposals? Check this link instead


:point_right: 56 proposals funded - more than all previous funds combined

:point_right: 216,749 total votes cast - almost double the amount of Fund3

:point_right: Lots of Africa proposals funded: 5 proposals + Micro-lending in Africa challenge selected

:bowing_man: On behalf of the entire Catalyst team - we wish to thank each and every one of you for your trust, patience - making this moment a reality!

:bulb: Proposers who didn’t get selected - don’t be disheartened. The community rewards those who are consistent and improve their proposals according to feedback. Plenty of past proposers didn’t get funding the first try and eventually got it.

:memo: Proposers who received funding - Catalyst team will soon be in touch with all the details next week. Welcome to the Catalyst cohort! :blue_heart: