Project Catalyst Fund5 Winners - Who are they?project

As Fund6 of Project Catalyst with a 4 Million $ budget starts, that’s a good idea to analyze the winners of the previous Fund. Not only you can learn from the winners, but it’s also useful to know what’s going on in the Cardano ecosystem in general.

For people new to Cardano it’s still not so easy to figure out the process, even the voting results are not so easy to find. Moreover, it’s so much information so it’s easy to get lost, and we can’t expect that people will read every proposal. In past (and I’m in Project Catalyst since the Focus group, since Fund1) I read all the proposals and there were periods when I read all the communication in the telegram. Even though it didn’t help my proposals, it was still interesting. All my proposals were not supported in Fund5. It was sad that in the category “F5: Catalyst value onboarding” there was enough budget, but probably more people voted against it (I can’t see their results). But anyway, I think it’s better not to give up, and come with another proposal in Fund6, and then maybe in the future funds.

One more reason to study the winners is that after checking the project - you might decide to contribute. Sometimes you contribute as a tester, and sometimes as a part-time (or even a full-time job). Such opportunities will only increase with future Funds.

So here are Voting results for Catalyst’s Fund5 (link to PDF)

And here are the winning proposals. Firstly I thought to comment on some of them, but this would keep this article too long, so I decided to limit to the proposal and proposer names, link and budget. Proposals are presented by categories.

I. Developer Ecosystem Category

Testnet Cardanoscan Explorer Community
Proposer: Ashish Cardanoscan
Budget: $7500

Cardano Rust SDK update for Alonzo Community
Proposer: sebastiengllmt, nicoarqueros

C# SDK for Blockfrost API Community
Proposer: Five Binaries (

Elixir SDK Community
Proposer: Richard Nystrom

Cardano JS API Community
Proposer: RAY Network
Budget: $15,000

Cardano Wallet Flutter SDK Community
Proposer: Richard Easterling
Budget: $10,000

Metadata oracle endpoint in Yoroi Community
Proposer: Five Binaries
Budget: $1,200

Websocket link for Blockfrost API Community
Proposer: Five Binaries

NFT Key Community
Proposer: CardanoDan, Chris
Budget: $50,000

Cardano IPFS chronicles Community
Proposer: Five Binaries
Budget: $10,080

Glow Formal verification Community
Proposer: Alexander Smart , François-René Rideau , Gauthier Lamothe
Budget: $60,000

Free Commerce payment gateway Community
Proposer: Jeronimo Backes
Budget: $52,500

Localize Yoroi for Slovak market Community
Proposer: Five Binaries
Budget: $2,500

End-to-End No-code Cardano Apps Community
Proposer: Marian Filipovici
Budget: $25,400

Localize Yoroi for Czech market Community
Proposer: Five Binaries
Budget: $2,500

Arnot - iOS SDK Community
Proposer: fragkiskos.katsimpas , Greg
Budget: $12,980

NFT Guaranteed Storage Community
Proposer: Kiriakos [SPEC]
Budget: $14,550

Quality-Assurance-DAO Community
Proposer: Stephen Whitenstall
Budget: $5

NFT-DAO EZ-Pay API wallet connector Community
Proposer: NFT-DAO (the whole team)
Budget: $69,945

Artificial Intelligence/ML API Community
Proposer: Francisco
Budget: $80,000

Step-by-Step Guide: Off-Chain Code Community
Proposer: quinn
Budget: $5,000

NFT-DAO EZ-On Interop NFTs Community
Proposer: NFT-DAO (the whole team)
Budget: $8,200

NFT-DAO EZ-Name Community
Proposer: NFT-DAO (the whole team)
Budget: $59,842

Tokenizing GitHub Pull request Community
Proposer: Max
Budget: $12,000

II. DApps & Integrations

Cardano Connector (Metamask-like) Community
Proposer: sebastiengllmt, Robert Kornacki, nicoarqueros
Budget: $30,000

The Quest for ADA Community
Proposer: Marcin Kugla, aikkahn, Christian Hayungs
Budget: $100,000 → Full NFT platform Community
Proposer: Patrick Tobler
Budget: $40,000

DaPassword - a password manager Community
Proposer: Jeronimo Backes
Budget: $54,600

iGIVit - The Future of Giving Community
Proposer: David Poulin, Ludovic
Budget: $20,416

III. Distributed decision making

NFT-DAO EZ-Honor contribution token Community
Proposer: NFT-DAO (the whole team)
Budget: $29,000

Catalyst Community Tools Community
Proposer: Philip Khoo, Victor Corcino, Lucio Baglione,
Budget: $4,600

Catalyst Site: Project tracking Community
Proposer: lovegrovegeorge, Jakob Dickhaut, Ben Stokes
Budget: $8,400

Open Ideas and Data For Cooperation Community
Budget: $33,470

Tutorial for Community Advisors Community
Proposer: Dominik Tilman
Budget: $10,850

IdeaScale Improvements Community
Proposer: Erik Siebert , Rob Hoehn
Budget: $10,000

IV. Proposer outreach

Developer Evangelist Japan Community
Proposer: sebastiengllmt , Robert Kornacki , nicoarqueros
Budget: $19,000

Catalyst Site: Collaborators list Community
Proposer: lovegrovegeorge, Jakob Dickhaut, Ben Stokes
Budget: $11,600

FREE MONEY Direct Marketing Community
Proposer: rich
Budget: $43,827

WADA Media Funnel for Proposers Community
Proposer: WADA , Megan Hess
Budget: $12,000

Hands-On Marketing in Addis Ababa Community
Proposer: Jonathan W., Nebiyu, mearaftadewos and 2 more
Budget: $4,570

ALDEA Wiki - Cardano Encyclopedia Community
Proposer: Matias Falcone
Budget: $5,960

V. Catalyst value onboarding

Inner-View with KEWW Video Series Community
Proposer: Ken Adams, Chad Dickson
Budget: $8,900

WADA Uni Students Catalyst Registry Community
Proposer: WADA , jaycidiq
Budget: $11,000

PCDiscord - Bot to Assign Roles Community
Proposer: Tevo , Q U A S A R
Budget: $500

ALDEA Catalyst Spanish Support Site Community
Proposer: Matias Falcone
Budget: $9,080

Barriers to Entry = Proposals Community
Proposer: James Dunseith
Budget: $10,000

Catalyst Site:Improve proposal data Community
Proposer: lovegrovegeorge , Jakob Dickhaut , Ben Stokes
Budget: $8,400

PCDiscord Miro board for Onboarding Community
Proposer: Tevo , Q U A S A R
Budget: $900

Catalyst Site: Education resources Community
Proposer: lovegrovegeorge , Jakob Dickhaut , Ben Stokes
Budget: $5,200

PCDiscord - Bot to create channels Community
Proposer: Tevo , Q U A S A R
Budget: $479

Charles Hoskinson in Russian
Proposer: Evgeniy Sereda
Budget: $6,500

VI. Metadata challenge

Control your data - privacy ledger
Proposer: Michiel Van Roey , Shawn Jensen , Ipek Sahiner, Luke Bragg
Budget: $19,200

Graph DB Sidechain with Fluree
Proposer: Dmitri Safine [DDAY] , Michael Yagi , bplatz
Budget: $12,500

Oracle Performance Metrics
Budget: $3,000

Blockchain Authentication Mechanism
Proposer: gargiulo.gianni
Budget: $6,000

C64 NFTs Minter(on-chain+identity)
Proposer: Caso
Budget: $6,500

VII. Grow Africa, Grow Cardano

Africa Opensource Pharma & Medicine
Proposer: Andre.Chagwedera, startupsnyc, kusters.rem
Budget: $45,000

No-Code For Creative Africa
Proposer: tobrien, WADA
Budget: $20,000

Introducing Empowa
Proposer: Phil Lewis , Glen Jordan , Marie-Odile Zanders and 1 more
Budget: $60,000

Cardano Student Clubs in Ethiopia
Proposer: Nebiyu , Jonathan W. , mearaftadewos and 1 more
Budget: $19,350

ADA news in African languages
Proposer: Rik, Renemacarthur, Unofficialbydesign and 2 more
Budget: $42,720

Networking events
Proposer: nathansamson, Nebiyu, Jonathan W. and 1 more
Budget: $24,000

Paper wallet terminal for in a shop
Proposer: Maarten Menheere
Budget: $12,000

Cashout and Buy ADA in Ethiopia
Proposer: mearaftadewos , Nebiyu , Jonathan W. and 1 more
Budget: $9,000

VIII. Scale-UP Cardano’s DeFi Ecosystem

Liqwid Protocol Security Audit
Proposer: Liqwid Labs, MLabs Consulting
Budget: $119,000

Liqwid x Credmark R&D on Loan Risks
Proposer: Liqwid Labs, Neil Zumwalde, MLabs Consulting
Budget: $25,000

MinSwap - Multi-pool DEX
Proposer: Long Nguyen
Budget: $37,500

Dandelion: Cardano API market
Proposer: rcmorano [PEACE]
Budget: $24,300

Smart Contract Audit Token SCAT DAO
Proposer: Eric Helms
Budget: $35,000

In Challange setting, the following proposals won: NFT Business models, Atala PRISM DID Mass-Scale Adoption, Disaster: When all is at stake, Scale-UP Cardanos Community Hubs, Improve and Grow Auditability

One more proposal was funded with leftover funds:

ErgoDex Plutus Port
Proposer: Ilya Oskin
Budget: 91000

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