Project Catalyst Mentorship: Gathering collective knowledge

I recently wrote an article on one Project Assessor’s ¶ learning about mentoring proposers in Project Catalyst. He’s found it’s beneficial (for both himself and the proposers) to be conducted in the grassroots way he explains in the piece while maintaining a relationship that adheres to the standards of the PA Guide.

I’ll link the article here if anyone is interested in learning about his full process.

To diversify learning (and the reason for this post), I am interested in hearing from other PAs with such experience, or projects that have had a mentor in their process.

Some relevant questions I have are:

  • Have you ever mentored others (or been mentored) in the community on how to refine their proposals?
  • Was there a particular schedule you kept if you met more than once?
  • How did you handle conflicts of interest?

Please share answers to these or other relevant info you think may be helpful as I am trying to gather more learning on the topic, and it seems like a great topic to have here on the forum. Thanks! :grin: