Catalyst insight phase seems silly

Most of the insights already seem like proposals… And they are getting lots of kudos. I don’t get it.

Is this the correct place to post this sort of question. Where do I go to engage with talk about catalyst???


I just received an email (2 actually) advising me that my “insight” for F5 has been placed on
“reserve.” I have no idea what that means, but assume, it means they have pulled it from the list of other “insights” for this round of funding. I was encouraged by IOHK to submit my proposal, but there seems no clear pathway to doing that. A clearer explanation of the process would be nice.

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Same question here ? I was encouraged to post my ideas in an area where I think I’m one of the rare “experts” : How to grow Cardano in west Africa. That is where I live.

Some of my insight received support from the community but they all have been archived (trashed?) without clear reason. Why or how should improve them ? I don’t feel that they were considered in their due rights, and this will refrain me from participating again.

Is your proposal still up? i’d love to come start a conversation on it for you

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With support from WADA, I working on a new proposal. But that cooled me down. thank you for your concern. I’m open for discussion.
Here were the proposals,