Projects after Goguen

Hello guys,
I would like to ask something related to the Goguen smart contract part:
Is it gonna be possible to create projects like ERC20 tokens in Ethereum platform after releasing of Goguen(if yes, what will be the name of that coins, for instance in Ethereum ,it is named ERC20 Token )?
Moreover,is it gonna be possible for some developers to create DeFi projects on the Cardano platform?
Thank you in advance!
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Hi Vaeran,

Cardano supports multiple native tokens, and you can create them right now. No need to wait for Goguen. You can learn more here:

They are called native tokens. And yes it is possible to create DeFi projects when smart contract is launched in the next few months.

Hope that helps.


Thank you very much for your kind Feedback!
I’ll check that out!
Good luck!