How can I create my own cryptocurrency with Cardano?

are there any tutorials?

Hi there,
I don’t know for sure if this is correct, but I think you can go to for a start.
Some of the veterans on the forum could probably help you out a bit better though.
(I don’t know, I’m new here hehe)

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Hi Just-get,
You should be able to do this after the Goguen phase is finished, and I’m sure there will be tutorials,docs, etc. to assist then.
Goguen phase is where side-chains and smart contracts are rolled out, and you would need that part of the platform to issue your own token/currency and have it reside in it’s own private eco-system while based on top of the Cardano platform.
There’s no listed timeframe, though I would hope by late this year.
You can see the various items listed out at

Hope that helps!