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I am from Toronto, Canada much thanks to @CryptoFox for introducing me to this fine community. Quick question when will the tech be ready to begin launching its own version of an erc-20 standard whereby companies can leverage the tech to create new coins.Similar to omisego using ethereum for their coin?


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Hey Everybody, please give a warm welcome to my friend, Michael! He is the one that introduced me to blockchain technology and Cryptocurrency! Although a die hard Omisego fan, im slowing converting him to Cardano and Ada.

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I’ll be brief you could find the answer in Goguen release Multi-Currency Ledger section.TheRoadAhead
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Much love @TheNigerianPrince welcome to the forum! Smart contracts on the platform are not ready yet and I am as anxious as you are for them, hopefully a bunch of erc20 coins will migrate from ethereum to the platform when it is ready - you did know that was possible right?


Thank you for pointing this out, @anon20038177. I agree that this is a very important point that might not be fully appreciated.

welcome!! good to have another Canadian here! :slight_smile:


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Hi @TheNigerianPrince ! you can see the progress of workstream of the project from our roadmap page!