Promo ada missing


I recently sent 2500 ada to the address in the promo for doubling ada. I didn’t get any doubling. I checked with my coinbase account and changed a setting to allow receiving. I then resent 2500 ada and that has now been taken without any receiving of ada so now im down 2500 ada. It says you should get the doubling iinstantly, is anyone able to help with this? Have I done something wrong?

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Hi there @brindleburn.

Please kindly read this article:

Once more, DO NOT FALL FOR A SCAM (Youtube, unofficial Daedalus/Yoroi wallet, Twitter, etc.)

  • “You DO NOT get something for NOTHING
  • “Use your COMMON SENSE
  • “If you give YOUR money to SOMEONE else, they WILL NOT GIVE IT BACK

Ah ok


Guess I learnt the hard way. It looked so official.

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same happened with me, how were you able to contact the person, please help and guide me

same happened with me, were you able to contact the person?

Unfortunately there is no recourse. Your ADA is gone.

So I guess a lesson well learnt, never get too greedy and if something is too good to be true then its a scam… damn!!

Thanks for the reply.