Q: Would you be interested in attending regular (monthly?) work group meetings for audit/oversight of projects on Cardano’s Project Catalyst?

Yes, I’d be interested. rojokaboti@gmail.com

Heya! Thank you and noted.


Hi Danny!

Please count me in.

Many thanks :slight_smile:


Noted down. Thank you.

Heya! Noted as well and thank YOU!

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Hey Danny! I’ve been working in a corporate auditing function since 2018 and would be very interested in joining the discussions in this regard.

My email is: ricardo.burgos@web.de

All the best and thank you for the great support you have been giving us as “European Cardano Town Hall”.

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Noted! Appreciate you. D.

YES! I would be interested in participating.

My email is: daobowsky@gmail.com

I look forward to the invite and opportunity.

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Thank you and noted!

I’m interested!

Just DM’d you on twitter


DM’ed you. Audi / oversight of projects is a key element in community. I’d like to learn how to do it effectively and humanely. Cheers!

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Found it. Thank you!

Awesome, thank you for coming forward.

Im ready to support these efforts

Heya - can you share your email address please? Thanks!

@danny_cryptofay…I just found out this forum here and will be soo honoured to be part of the auditability workgroup. Hope to hear from you soon. I am a member of WADA and a Proposer assessor in catalyst community. I can be reached on chrisaiks@gmail.com

Amazing, noted and thank you for showing interest. D.