Querrying utxo gives empty output

Hi, when querying addresses my output always shows no utxos. I’m currently using the node from my daedalus wallet and querying the addresses using
cardano-cli query utxo --address $ADDR --mainnet
yes my node is 100% synced.

which address are u querying? If u check that address on crdanoscan.io it’s showing the correct balance or 0?
The wallet has more addresses inside and perhaps this one has 0 ADA

For example: addr1qxvktulc08teav6muycjdrux77qlma24aejylfscfy58ve40w2anq6lay3h5vpshswfv57mhcmw35eufc0ras6g6jgls0gkuhd
cardano scan shows not empty
but my output is

                           TxHash                                 TxIx        Amount

oh i just realised, if you stake your ada, is that counted out?

This one has balance 0

Try this one Balance 1,604.099226


the wallet has more addresses, not all have ADA inside… go to cardanoscan.io press view all addresses and u can see what address has funds


I see, how will this work if i want to send ada from a wallet to another wallet using the cli. Do i have to querry all the addresses somehow and then build the transactions specifying the id of the lovelace?

but… did u imported the daedalus wallet using the seed words?

I did, I’m just trying to develop something of my own, hence I want to use the cli.

hmm if u imported the wallet then I believe u imported only the first/oldest address from wallet, that’s why u are seeing 0

u will need to send 10 ADA from daedalus to that address from cli then try again to query the address

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i understand the problem now, you’ve been very informative, thanks a lot!

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I think your problem will be solved if u will create a new cli wallet which will have always the same address (but you will not have controll on daedalus… and because of this u will need to bkp the wallet files on an USB kept offline)