Question about initial sync of block producer with relay

I have a relay node and block producer on two separate physical servers on the same local network. I can get a relay syncing no problem and can see peers in the glive view. When I start my producer the glive will flash starting, as status, and the tip ref appears to be syncing with the relay- but that is all the data in the glive.

I am working my way through the Coincashew tutorial and am afraid this isnt the syncing the way Ive read it should. The solutions I have read seem fairly specific and wonder if anyone could lead me in the next right direction.

Thank you in advance

journalctl -e -f -u cardano-node and check the logs…


  1. What nodes do u have inside the BP topology file?
  2. Is the relay synced?

journalctl -f and journalctl -e yield a dns subscription warning (63 and 58) with the ip address of the relay.

The relay is synced so I can see the tip ref on both keeping together.



Delete < and > from the host-address

I cant even thank you enough. This is a breakthrough believe it or not. It is syncing!! Onward.

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