Block producing node stuck at 99% sync

Hello, I’ve been trying to sync my block producing node. I finally got it to start syncing but it looks like it stopped syncing at 99%. Hasnt moved for a few hours. Is there a reason for this? This is the second time I was able to make it sync but it also stalled the first time because it was syncing in between epochs. Because of this I had to rebuild the node. After rebuilding it started to sync again but froze at 99%

I also have a few other questions about the process. Is there an order as to what nodes to sync first? should I first sync my relay node before starting to sync my block producing node? At the moment I have a relay active but it doesn’t look like its syncing.

Do I sync one or the other first or can I sync them at the same time?

Thanks for the help!

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What addresses you have in relay node topology.json? Generated or custom one?
block producing node only connects to the relay node - so only can sync that part of blockchain which already synced by the relays - so if your relay nodes not synced then the block producing node wont be either…

I have the ip address for my block producing node and also the cardano relay iohk address in the topology.json file for my relay. I think Im just gonna rebuild and start syncing my relay node first them retry with my block producer. Initially I wasn’t sure which node to start syncing first so I just started syncing both at the same time.

Im very new to this game and have learned more than I thought I ever could about computer programming within the last 3 week. Thanks for your response! Any advice would be helpful!

Also one more question. Before I start syncing my block producer node should I produce all the keys for it first or can I add them after syncing as a relay node first? Im going off the coincashew example and they aren’t too clear about that. Thanks again!


Then, I think you need to update the relay node topology.json either with script
or generate a list with this site
This activity is needed because peer2peer topology scan not working yet…

If you have other questions not related to this topic I recommend to create a new topic for that - to get help from others as well

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