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As the now redundant need for specifying shelley in the cardano-cli has been discussed to some lengths already, please feel free to direct me to another post if these questions have already been answered.

  • The cardano-cli uses the shelley subcommand to generate keys for the BP. Some of these (KES) and the OP cert need to be periodically rotated;

  • The cardano-node run command also uses --shelley when starting up the BP and picking up KES, VRF and OP_cert;

How will this process be affected/updated, as we generate new keys in other eras? We must omit shelley in the cli: so will the new keys be generated for an era that must be manually specified (eg --allegra-era)? How should the cardano-node run options reflect this change (eg currently they are–shelley-vrf… etc)?

Let me know if this is mumbo-jumbo and I’ll try to rephrase my currently very confused brain (it’s under heavy load, running out of descriptors) :upside_down_face:

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Hi again, sorry for double posting but the more I think about this the more it does my head in.

The Shelley subcommand is also used for querying addresses (as an example). If I query a Shelley era address, should I be doing this from top level now? I think the answer is yes. However, going forward there may be allegra and other era addresses. Does this mean we need to remember which era the address is created in to query it with the correct era option?

The Shelley params for cardano-node run have stayed the same as far as I am aware of:

Usage: cardano-node run [--topology FILEPATH] [--database-path FILEPATH]
                        [--socket-path FILEPATH]
                        [--byron-delegation-certificate FILEPATH]
                        [--byron-signing-key FILEPATH]
                        [--shelley-kes-key FILEPATH]
                        [--shelley-vrf-key FILEPATH]
                        [--shelley-operational-certificate FILEPATH]
                        [[--host-addr HOST-NAME] [--port PORT]]
                        [--config NODE-CONFIGURATION] [--validate-db]
  Run the node.

The release notes explain the new usage of --allegra-era and deprecating the shelley part of commands for the CLI, but no changes to cardano-node run command:

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Thank you for your input. I’ll do a couple of tests in the coming days and post back here if I find something odd or worth mentioning.

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