Ran My First Node - Questions & Verify Output

Hey team, looking to understand my first node better before I run a stake pool on the Testnet. I downloaded the linux executables and will try building from source next.

My run command:

./cardano-node run --topology ./configuration/cardano/mainnet-topology.json --database-path ./state --port 3001 --config ./configuration/defaults/byron-mainnet/configuration.yaml --socket-path \\.\pipe\cardano-node


  1. What’s a good config yaml to use for Shelley? I used the one linked here
    but it’s for Byron:

Is there a Shelley one available? I could not find the word ‘shelley’ anywhere in:

  1. Why is the state db file so small?
    UPDATE- was this a relay node and not BP node?

I thought my VM (Google Cloud Compute Engine e2-micro 2 vCPUs, 1 GB memory) would run out of disk space quickly.
By default is my node downloading the entire blockchain? I don’t see the size of state increasing upon letting it run for a while. It’s not updating since last week either.
ls -lh

drwxrwxr-x 5 myname myname 4.0K Jan  9 17:15 state

I checked ./cardano-node run --help for instructions on downloading the the history, didn’t find anything. Maybe it’s determined by the --config yaml that’s used?

Not updating because it’s Byron? Only Shelley gets new Epochs/Slots/Blocks?

When I stopped the node (ctrl+c), what is the ‘tip’ referred to here? Latest block in the slot? I see 2 slot numbers are mentioned.

[cardano:cardano.node.ChainDB:Info:5] [2021-01-09 17:07:49.40 UTC] Closed db with immutable tip at e7fed2607e5b613a60589c6a7bd7e00024b9ec1fcede1909a4a8c
2d4fa90376c at slot 295396 and tip 4e115fcf75a6f49914cb99288351612c2ba912ec824ec64b9724b62c277833ec at slot 297556

Expected Output

Is this the expected output? Any red flags in here? My e2-micro VM has 1GB RAM so I thought maybe this would error out.


I’ll try the stake pool course and AWS too!
Thanks, Will

I’ll try using these config files mentioned here instead: