Facing problem when start the node

Hi community,
I am learning to operate stake pool. i am following stake pool school,After installing node and getting configuration file i.e.

  • topology.json

  • BYRON genesis.json

  • SHELLEY genesis.json

  • config.json
    on ‘start your node’ section, when i entered command to run the node i am facing an error and not getting the result as expected.
    and the error is:
    InvalidYaml (Just (YamlException “Yaml file not found: shelley_testnet-config.json”))

cardano-node: YAML exception:
Yaml file not found: shelley_testnet-config.json

how to resolve it. please help…

It seems the genesis file you are using isn’t referencing to correct configuration file.

Would I be correct in assuming you are running on a testnet? I have yet to review the stake pool school materials but will do so.

For now, please try changing the name of your config.json to “shelley_testnet-config.json”

I’ll check back in after reviewing the stake pool school guide and let you know if I learn more.

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Thank you for the response.
Yes I m on testnet.
I resolve it
There is name difference in the config file. In tutorial and in reality.

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Awesome - glad I could help.

Hello, I am having the same issue and happy to see you resolved it. What is the name discrepancy you found? Thank you!

Topology and config file name in cardano node run commands should be same as configuration file downloads prior to running the node.