Built a node from source yesterday and I was able to get it to run with the testnet json files. As the build took quite a bit of time, I also set up a dockerized node to compare. The difference is that I needed to supply the configuration.yaml as a run parameter, which threw me off.

When I look at the source I see:

What is the recommended yaml for setting up a node for 1.27? The goal is to set up a staking pool, so if there’s a great place to start, can someone point me in the right direction? Many thanks.

download mainnet configuration files from cardano-node github release page:

you will get json extension but that is compatible with yaml extension.

Thanks, @laplasz - I was thinking it made more sense to set up the node against the testnet as this is the first go at a staking pool. Am I thinking about this the wrong way?

For posterity, the link to the configuration files for 1.27 is

Yeah - good point, so you need the testnet configuration files… available as well on the download page.

HI. I compared the json in the tagged release to that which is retrieved from the url in the setup documentation.
The release does not specify an AlonzoGenesisFile

But at the documentation url, that file is specified

Sorry, I’m new to this, but it seems counter intuitive. I thought I read that Alonzo functionality built into the release, but feature toggled at the moment, so wouldn’t that file be needed?

So I guess I’m just not sure which file to start with. I’m trying not to make too many mistakes that I need to undo : { }

Thanks for you help.


Now it is recommended to download the config files from the release page of a specific cardano-node version:

under Configuration files.