Question about Valency

I currently have my core node’s valency set to 2 and my relay also set to 2.
Is there any advantage to have more connections open to a relay - and if so, what is the limit?
Will the core node run better if I increase valency to 4 or 10 for example? I can experiment with it but I thought I’d ask here first before messing around with it.
Basically is the higher the number better or doesn’t it matter?

I’m guessing you’ve figured this out, but it’s a boolean value. As in, for each address, you mark it as 0 or 1.

Obviously you want to keep at least 2 addresses “hot” in case 1 node goes down and it can connect to the other quickly. I wouldn’t have to many open though as it’s just more overhead for no gain.

Hi Will,

Valency is used to define how many nodes are behind a subdomain listing in a topology.

When referencing a node by ip, valency always defaults to one. Your core node, when referenced within your relay topology, will utilize an ip which and should have a valency of one - as any other number will be ignored when an ip is used.

When referencing your relays from within your core node topology, the valency should be 1 if they are being referenced individually by ip. If you are using a subdomain to reference your relays (multiple DNS A records for each relay IP all having the same subdomain name), you will specify a valency equal to the number of relay ip addresses tied to that subdomain

Take the ADAfrog relays for example:

“friendly_name”: “ADAfrog”,
“addr”: “”,
“port”: 3728,
“valency”: 4

A valency of 4 implies there are x4 separate relay nodes / ip addresses tied to the subdomain