Question: How Many Are Running Their Stake Pool From Home?

I’m curious how many Stake Pools there are that are not reliant on infrastructure like AWS, Google, or Azure. It seems like the Stake Pool setup tutorial sort of pushes you in the direction of using a data center, which would mean there is no actual decentralization at all.



I rely on the following for internet connectivity:

  • My main ISP
  • The ISPs of other family and friends
  • Backup mobile 4G/5G networks

All my machines are bare metal. I have several low power ARM machines that are:

Housed in these cases:

I also have a couple of Intel Xeon compulab machines: Tensor-I20 | CompuLab

Everything is fanless.

I do have one public relay on Contabo.


I’m running my BP from home, bare metal

YYC runs from my home home Telus connection. I had a backup teksavvy cable connection but running a Cardano node has not be worth the extra cost.

I disagree on your point about “actual decentralization”. Yes more nodes on data centres is bad, and has a higher risk of more nodes going down at once. BUT more nodes is always better because they are controlled by different parties with different interests. Its still decentralization from a control standpoint.
Plus AWS, Google, etc have datacentres all around the world so more nodes in each of those data centres helps lower global latency of the network.

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I think we need to be careful about such data centres because AWS and Google ultimately own and control them.

I am currently working on a CIP that deals with problems created by network delays which can allow a malicious actor to control more of the ledger with less stake. It would be very easy for Amazon or Google to increase network delays to preferentially advantage a group of malicious pools.

What would you say if it could be demonstrated that a malicious group could control the ledger with less than 50% stake by leveraging network delays amongst other things?

Running BP and 1 Relay from Home. My other Node is offsite in a different city but also in a house. All Internet is 1gig, and all machines Battery Backup. My Fiber ONT has battery backup as well.

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BGOOD Running from Home using repurposed hardware and battery backups.

What happens if AWS or Microsoft someday decide they don’t like Cardano, and decide to remove all the stake pools from their systems?

It’s not like they haven’t already done that.

So no, having all the Stake Pools in AWS or Microsoft or Google data centers is NOT decentralization.

Hi Greyhart,

I too run a locally hosted stakepool [ARTMS].

For your interest there is a group called Cardano Bare Metal Alliance of which I am a member: ‘’.

I’m sure it’s not comprehensive but this group contains 149 members.

I hope this helps.

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You mention a very interesting point of view here as it relates to Stake Pools and (Actual Decentralization.) My question to you is, “Do you have any feedback from other reliable and credible sources related to your concerns about whether or not actual decentralization actually exists at all?”

In addition,…can you tell me how to find out what the (Stake Pool Address) or, (Staking Address) is for the Pool that I’m staking my ADA with?
Thank you in advance.
@AWakeUp or and search the pool by ticker… u should see all wallets delegated … also owner wallets

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I do not, which is why I’m asking. I know that in the Stakepool Tutorial, it is stated that your Stakepool must be up at all times, and implied that a Data Center is the way to do so.

I know that Bitcoin has a couple of satellites on orbit running nodes. While not exactly decentralized, they do ensure that the chain remains up and viable. So I wanted to find out just how decentralized Cardano is, based on Bare Metal vs. Data Center.

Looks like Alexd answered your other question.

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Coincashew doesn’t.

Running on own baremetal servers hosted in a local Datacenter with a backup BP+relay at home, and 2 public relays on Contabo. Since I own the hardware, my DC only provides Internet, power, and AC

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Thank You Sir,…

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I run my pool from home. bare metal for my bp and dell r220s for my relays

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Running from home BP and 1 Relay… other relay on contabo

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I’m running from home on a 1000/1000 fiber connection. One relay at another home connection and sometimes I run relays in the cloud.

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