Question on Plutus Application Backend & DEX Functionality

Does the PAB need to be complete before any DEX will be functional, or is it possible for a DEX to launch right now without it? For example, Occam DEX just released a functioning demo – is it possible this is technically eady right now but just not releasing yet because they want people to be able to use from Daedalus the get go?


Is it that people won’t be able to actually connect to the DEX with any wallet until the PAB is ready, so not possible for anybody on Cardano to use any DEX as of right now, even if the code is ready? (This would be like having all of the Uniswap code up and ready to go but nobody can connect MetaMask yet?)

If the DEX provided off-chain services equivalent to the PAB and they or others provided wallet software that was compatible with that service, then a DEX could be used now.

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The folks behind seem very legit to me from everything I have seen. It is possible they are actively creating off-chain centralized workarounds to get their project rolling similar to and other projects that are trying to reach their target audience faster without being decentralized applications.

People put a lot of expectations on Alonzo Purple that failed to account for the staggered nature of development. We are effectively in beta testing of Plutus and smart contracts. Expect roughly 6 months delay between the release of a mainnet feature and it’s effective use in third party applications on mainnet. No one wants to launch something that does not work except for scammers …

Generally development usually goes something like this:

  • Ideation and planning
    • Major project submission (catalyst)
    • Funding/fueling cycle
    • Small self funded projects skip these raises but we also stay quiet!
  • Development cycles and idea evolution
    • Testnet feature goes live (alpha testing)
    • Testnet early adopters
    • Revisions, fixes, and new features
  • Blockchain fork introduces feature live on mainnet (beta testing)
    • Integration from testnet to mainnet
    • Revisions, fixes, and new features
    • Rinse and repeat at least once (honest, it is never good enough the first go)
  • 3rd party applications launch mainnet (dapp deploy)
    • Revisions, fixes, and new features
    • Small self funded projects appear seemingly out of nowhere!
    • Etc

Mark my words. 2023 through 2025 will be the era of Cardano dapps launching. This is just the beginning …


They seem legit to me too, I’m just trying to figure out how close they are to actually launching: They seem like they’re as close or closer than any competitor right now.

Based on what you’ve seen, do you think there’s a reasonable chance some kind of functional version of the PAB gets released by end of the month? I think that was around the original estimate

I am not one to speculate. My estimate for my own project is first quarter next year. Honest development requires honest effort. Being first is not as important as being the best. Ask Yahoo about Google for example …