PAB launch on mainnet date

PAB launch on mainnet date

Is this a question… or?

I do have a same question also.
Do you know when the PAB will launch on the mainnet?

No date for the moment

Do we have an estimate on release? In December or more probably next year?

Next year but no date released

CORRECTION: it’s already in use … see @Neo_Spank comment (bellow)

Thank you. Please keep us posted :slight_smile:

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You can use PAB right now. If you are developing DApp all the back end stuff is available for you already, no need to wait. :+1:
Charles discussed it in a video, also here is a clip of his Twitter discussion:

The confusion is likely caused by expectations of an SDK to ease development efforts. Unlike with other blockchain projects this doesn’t really exist for Cardano and the choice of Haskell creates some additional hurdles to adoption as well. There was a lengthy thread about this earlier this year which long story short resulted in “hurry up an wait, maybe?”