Cardano Staking Date

Hi Team, excuse me please, didn’t find the answer to my question. I’m a Head of BizDev at Atomic Wallet, it’s a pleasure for me. Could you tell me please, when Cardano staking will be launched to mainnet?

@Zyroxa Sorry, what are you talking about? Mainnet has been running for over two years. However, mainnet is still running in federated mode (IOHK run all the minting nodes, much like XRP). You are however correct that there is not yet any staking on mainnet and that there has been no date set for that.

@Andrew_Kono Unfortunately the only answer to you question is “when its ready”. I suspect there will be another staking testnet, this time running the Haskell code, before staking goes live on mainnet.

Hi Everyone! Thank you all for your help, much appreciated! For any further questions regarding the Atomic Wallet kindly send me an email to I’m glad to help you. Cheers

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Hi Eric, some of my partners told me, that Cardano is going to launch a big update for the network soon. Can you tell me please, if this information is correct or not? As far as I understand this update is about staking

Next big update will be releasing the Shelley functionality on the Mainnet. A date is not set yet and we are just as everybody else waiting in expectation. If this doesn’t answer your question than please give us some more details about why and/or what you need to know.

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Hi Andy, apologies for the late reply. Thank you for the information!