Testnet staking starting Wed Thurs or Friday

Tweet has a link to a video:


no Daedalus testnet for staking wallet yet…

Here’s Friday!!!

Saw this post on Reddit from Andreas from the foundation probably be early next week from the sound of it…we are close!


Cardano Foundation


Regarding the progress in the release: There’s a sequence that needs to be followed. It has to happen in series. And it all starts with spinning up the network. I see that Jormungamdr 8.1 has been deployed so that will be in QA testing this morning so :crossed_fingers:t2: that will be ‘the one’ - if it is, it’ll then be time for stake pool operators to integrate. Once they are on board, the wallet will be released. Otherwise, who are you going to delegate to. So there is still a few steps to go. Also - they want to get it the network as they can before they launch the wallets - sure it’s a Testnet, but what wouldn’t they want to do this? By all accounts, the network is performing really well and the staking/rewards elements have been integrated. So I think we’re very close now

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