Re: Stake Pools

I know we are all in anticipation for staking, however will Stake Pools pose single point of failure for attacks by hackers to exploit and steal the ADAs from the Stake Pools? Has IOHK thought about that possibility?

Thank you for your inputs

The math behind Cardano will not be reduced by staking pools, if a pool server becomes compromised only that node is affected users Ada will remain safe, the compromised node will be dropped from the selection process, marking it inactive.

Instead, pools will increase redundancy and security as pool operators are free to run Cardano on many different operating systems, lessening the single attack vector by diversity, how cool is that!

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ADA never leave your wallet, therefore stake pools have no ADA, as they don’t need the actually ADA to do their part in the protocol, with that being said, don’t worry you won’t be sending Ada to stake pools and they have no way to loose it in a attack

Thanks to all of you for your replies