Re: Uninstall Daedalus and delete all Cardano Blockchain related files

I decided to only use my Yoroi wallet. Besides uninstall Daedalus from control panel, how do I delete all Cardano Blockchain and Daedalus related files (including hidden files) via Windows Explorer?

Thank you

After uninstall, you can delete the remainder folders from your machine by following instructions here.
Note that depending on version you use, name of folder could be Daedalus or Daedalus Mainnet for mainnet wallet releases.

I have both Daedalus and Daedalus Mainnet folder. Does it matter which folder I delete first?

Thank you

Since you’ve moved all your funds to Yoroi, assuming Daedalus does not have any funds - it does not matter, you can remove them both.

Thank you so much. I did remove all my ADA to Yoroi