Uninstall Daedalus (Mac)

Hi, I wish to uninstall Daedalus wallet from my Mac, and ensure all the blockchain files are deleted. How do I do this please?

Can’t advise on Mac program uninstallation but there are instructions for deleting the data files on this page, and you will probably find prog uninstall info if you need it elsewhere on that site.


Thanks, looking at that link I realise the entire ~/Library/Application Support/Daedalus folder can be deleted since nothing in there will be used again. Then I just deleted the Daedalus application itself from the apps folder.


There’s an app I’ve been using on the Mac called AppCleaner (https://freemacsoft.net/appcleaner/) it does a nice job of cleaning up not just the app folder but also any associated files the app might’ve found. Personally, it’s the type of cleaner Apple should build into OSX… Try that for thorough clean ups.


Thanks MartinMKD :grinning:

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Seconded. I’ve been using AppCleaner for a while now; it doesn’t do anything critical but it never fails to save time and storage space. Very nice little app.