Can I trash previous Daedlus applications?

I am extremely tight on space on my computer.

I have Daedlus, Deadlus Balance Check, and Daedlus Flight. Can I delete these from my computer as applications?

I currently use Daedlus Mainnet latest version 2.20#14276.


Yes you can remove them and only keep Daedalus Mainnet 2.2.

Assuming this is Windows if you go to C:\Users<username>\AppData\Roaming you’ll see the data folders, which remain after a normal uninstall, and delete the unwanted ones. Just be careful not to delete the wrong ones – check everything works before emptying Recycle.

I have a Mac. Hmmm

This tells you how to find your state directory. Of course in this case you want to know which folder/directory contains all the state directories so you’ll look at one step up in the hierarchy, the Mac equivalent of Roaming.

  1. Restart your computer to kill all Daedalus processes
  2. In Finder on the Go menu select Applications
  3. Select which is located in the Applications folder and delete it
  4. In Finder on the Go menu select Goto Folder… and enter ~/Library/Application Support/ and locate the Daedalus folder.
  5. Note that if you cannot find the Daedalus folder your Library folder may be hidden. You will need to Unhide the Library folder.
  6. Delete the Daedalus folder

All great Ambassadors. Many thanks.

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