Recap: Cucúta, Colombia Meetup. Cúcuta near the border with Venezuela (09.11.2018)

We have made the second meetup in Colombia, exactly in Cúcuta. This city is border with Venezuela. As some of you know, Venezuela is one of the countries that most uses cryptocurrencies as a means of payment for its ease of sending and receiving inside and outside the country.

Thanks to some members of the Cardano community in Cucuta we have done this event to present basic concepts of Cardano and its cryptocurrency: ADA

Just talking about cryptocurrencies, these have had a gigantic impact in this region for social inclusion, in which anyone can receive and send money around the world easily, in addition to the possible implementations of Blockchain.

Here we share a photo of the attendees, some Venezuelans:

Thanks for th support of all!_

Here the meetup group:


So cool! Please keep up the good work and thank you!!!

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Hi the meetup link does not work for me is there any problem on your end? Trying to share it with a Colombian friend.


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Try again please.

That works!

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So cool! Is there any chance of having a meetup in Houston, TX!?

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Venezuela next?

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I hope it’s soon

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So good to see the Meetup @javierblockpro :slight_smile:

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