Receiving and dealing with ADA scam tokens

I have been receiving some scam tokens like TMINT, TMINTV2 and today some ASNEK on an address that I have not shared with anyone. How is it possible that I am receiving these on this address and what is the best thing to do with these? I have been sending them to a different wallet that I just use for this now.

Can someone explain and give some advice. Thank you!

It’s a blockchain. Everything is public.

They, of course, do not know that they are sending them to you, just to some account holding some assets.

To me, it looks like they are sending to all accounts holding relevant amounts of the token they are currently trying to scam. So, it they are doing a fake “MinSwap Reward Ticket”, they send to all MIN holders etc. But is also possible that they go by recent activity, total holdings, …

That’s totally fine. They are not dangerous in themselves, just when you go to the website advertised by them. (Don’t know if you even see that. Since you call them by their low-level asset name – “TMIN” … – and not by their display name – “MinSwap Reward Ticket” … – it seems you are using a wallet app that does not necessarily show metadata of tokens.) That website will pretend that you have to connect your wallet and do a transaction to receive some “reward” or “bonus” and then try to trick you into signing a transaction yourself that sends away many or all of your assets.

Just moving them around in your wallet or to another wallet is completely harmless. You can continue to collect them in that dedicated trash wallet of yours or send them to an external wallet. Eternl has a $burnit wallet$burnit that they use to test their app with large wallets with a tremendous amount of tokens. There is also $burnerking$burnerking which plans to hold community votes on the stake pool they delegate that trash wallet to:

Collect more than three of them before sending them away all together. That way you will keep some ADA profit in your wallet (since they all have to come with a minimal amount of ADA).


Very helpful information. Exactly what I needed. Thank you!

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Thank you @HeptaSean for the thorough explanation and many thanks to you @Arend85 for taking the time to first clarify on the forum. Always better to be safe than sorry!