Scammer Staking scammed ada

Hello Cardano community,

I was a victim of a youtube scam in which I lost about 2500 ADA, after tracking down the addresses, I realized the scammer has gathered all of his “stolen” ADA into one address and is making money from staking, I think because if he turns any of it into cash he could be traced or maybe not. I’m just asking is there a way to block an address from being able to make money off of stolen ADA or do something about it? or can I just go around making fake claims and impersonating any one without consequences and make a little fortune of my own?
this is the address the dude has gathered all his ADA into:
really frustrating to see people getting away with what ever they want in this system.


The above address has no registered stake address - not staking

Thank you for checking that Alex, very kind of you.
I wish there was something we could do about maliciously acquired fund addresses like these.